A Platform for Making Money On the Internet

Web Monetization Server

A New Breed Of Server

The Monetization Server is a major part of the Platform, it is what actuality performs the App integration process. Like the other components it's programmed in the Golang language, or GO. What sets it apart is that it is made available to anyone who wants to participate in our platform. Inline with promoting a distributed Internet, this critical part of the Sublateral Platform is made available to others to extend the platform, making the platform distributed as well.

Anyone can sign-up and fire up a Web Monetization Server, but great candidates would be Web Site Publishers, Hosting/Service Providers, Web App/SAAS Developers, Ad Agencies, and Advertisers.

Server Manager

The Server Manager is available in the Sublateral Web Console. Within the Server Manager Interface is where you obtain the actual server code, a GO executable, along with your access keys. Info pertaining to your Integration Server Deployments (nodes) is available here as well. If you are a Publishers this is where you select your nodes. Public nodes are made available if you choose not to run your own nodes. Once selected the required node DNS entry information is the displayed.

Site Manager

The Site Manger also available from within the Web Counsel. This is where your sites are configured. Once configured your nodes are updated with the site information.

Application Manager

The Application Manager is where App Developers manage their applications. Application manifest files up uploaded into the Application Manger. Application marked as public will be made available in the Web App Store, applications marked private are available to sites that you have setup and sites set up in accounts you have white listed.

Web App Store

From within the Web App Store Public Apps and Private Apps your account has been granted access to can be subscribed to. Your nodes are updated with the subscription information allowing for the subscribed to Apps to be easily integrated into your sites. Application attributes for your subscriptions are managed here as well, allowing for Integrated Apps. to be reconfigured without making any changes to your sites.

Realtime Messaging Hub

The Sublateral Platform comes with a Publish/Subscribe Messaging Hub. This allows for asynchronous service-to-service communication within the Platform. Messaging API's are made available to Developers and Publishers, enabling real-time communication within Integrated Apps and Sites. This open the door to a wide range of real-time functionality that can be easily incorporated into Apps and Sites.

Metrics Manager

Sublateral allows Integrated Apps to store custom aggregate Metrics data. Metrics data is managed from within the Metrics Manager.

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