Monetize Your Content
KEEP your Vistors Attention

Sublateral Promotional Applications are not like display ads or other forms of online advertisements that conflict with the goals of the site leading your visitors away. With Sublateral Promotional Applications Visitors remain and may even transact, maintaining the Vistor's attention on site.

On-line Ads are more of a nuisance than anything and are easily blocked by ad blocking software and browser plug-ins. Sublateral Promotional Applications are immune to ad blocking plugins.

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Keep Your Visitors And
Retain Thier Attention

Keep Visitors Attention

Monetizing with ads is a constant battle of acquiring visitor's attention then having it consumed by ads. Attention is a scarce commodity, once attention is gained keep it, don’t sell it, because you may never get it back.

With Sublateral Native Ads, relevant engaging promotions are made available to site visitors. Site visitors engage and may even transact on the Publisher pages maintaining their attention on site.

Engaging Promotions

Sublateral Native Ads provide seamless promotional and value-added content without disrupting the visitors experience or running the risk of blocking out sections of your pages (Flash blocking, Ad blocking software. and browser plug-ins).

Sublateral Native Ads allow you to display engaging promotional content seamlessly within your site. As a result, promotional content is less obtrusive. It blends with your site design and enhances the user experience rather than disengaging them.

Relevant SEO Content

When Sublateral Native Ads are integrated into Publisher pages, SEO content is automatically inserted. Publisher's pages gain key words and relevant content without lifting a finger.

Native and Social

Sublateral Native Ads have their own unique url on the Publisher website. These urls may be shared across social media, driving visitors back to the Publisher website.

Dedicated Full Page Layouts

Each Sublateral Native Ads has a full page Layout residing at its own SEO URL on the Pulisher's site. These promotional URLS do not take up Publisher inventory, they are dedicated to displaying promotional content and also increase Publisher display inventory.

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