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Sublateral™ Ads are Promotional Applications that give you the creative freedom to deliver dynamic, data driven, engaging, transactional, experiences.

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Create Engaging
Content Rich Promotional Application

Be Seen By Everyone

Advertisers listen up - promotional content powered by Sublateral are immune to ad blockers. While other ad programs are totally wiped out by ad blocker software, Sublateral™ powered promotions are seen by ALL site visitors. This translates to higher engagement, increased brand recognition, and improved marketing ROI.

Custom Metrics

Traditional on-line media metrics , while providing valuable insight to the advertiser, fall short of providing the true effectiveness of a campaign. Given the dynamic nature of a Sublateral promotions a new metric standard is required. Who better to determine the metrics requirements of a campaign than the Advertiser. Sublateral™ provides Advertisers the ability to customize the metrics that are recorded. There is no limit to the metrics that can be recorded, customized for each campaign.

Ads That Sell

With Sublateral™ transactional ads, Visitors interact with fully functional, transactional promotions on quality content sites, raising awareness, creating message association, increasing brand favorability and above all generating sales.

Sublateral™ Ads are Data Driven and Programmable

Advertisers are no longer forced into static formats and limited "dumb" promotions. With Sublateral™, Advertisers can develop "smart" promotions delivering value-added services that drive interaction, commerce, communication, information exchange, cross-selling, and more.

Sublateral™ Ads are built with Standard Web Based technologies (html, javascript and css).

Customized Payouts

Sublateral™ payouts go beyond impressions, clicks and simple user actions. Payouts may be aligned with any visitor activity within the promotion. This allows advertisers to properly compensate publishers based on the quality of the engagement.

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