SELL Your Clients Stories

Sublateral™ Ads are Promotional Applications that give you the creative freedom to deliver dynamic, data driven, engaging, transactional experiences.

Host Your Clients Promotions

A Sublateral™ Promotional Application (SPA) is hosted, just like a web site or a web application is hosted. Standard with a hosted solutions is a monthly service fee and ongoing development. SPAs are not like social media, display ad, or sponsor content that are statis and end, they have a life of their own, always evolving to the messaging needs of your clients.

Your are The Network

A SPA, while hosted, in the eyes of the customer lives in publisher's web pages. The content of the SPA is delivered directly from the SPA to the Publisher's web page, there is no middle ad network. As an Agency you represent both sides of the equation, the publisher and advertiser. Servicing both the needs of publishers and advertisers you are able to grow your own SPA network. The Publisher section details the tremendous benefits a SPA offers a Publisher.

What's Is this all about

Sublateral™ is a new way for you to service the digital promotional needs on your clients on both the buy and demand side but with all layers removed. In this model there is complete transparency for buyers and sellers of users attention.

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